Diary of a hot wife ; part 1


Last night I went with three girlfriends looking for men , lol . We had a great time drinking cocktails. But no men .
Our waitress explained that Sunday evening is always quiet . I must go back another time .

I had a lot of fun this morning coming to work .
My cuckold was driving . I was in the back seat with my favourite lover .
I told cuckold to adjust the rear view mirror so he could see what I was doing . I unzipped my lover . In the back seat of the car while my cuckold was driving and looking at the rear view mirror , lol .
I got out my lover’s cock and balls .
I had not discussed this with my lover . It was a big surprise to him . I sucked and sucked . Occasionally coming up for air . And to instruct my cuckold to watch carefully.
My cuckold asked very nicely if I would suck him . I told him , in front of my lover , that he was going to stay in my cage . And that I will never suck him . Never .
Then I carried on sucking my lover .
When we arrived at work I open mouth kissed my pathetic little white cuckold . He knowing where my mouth had been for the past 15 minutes .