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        I wonder what it would be like for someone to fuck you better than me! I hope she finds someone that can OUTFUCK me! That is when the fun will REALLY start!

It turned out to be my hubby’s best friend he had a huge dick …my hubby pushed me into giving him only a hand job after months of daring me and trying to persuade me ..he would even dare me right in front of his friend ..four years later I have been fucking his big dick friend on a regular basis ..two or three times every week ..it took a while but I slowly weaned my hubby off of fucking me…made him watch me fuck his friend ..told him its a huge turn on when u only watch and jerk off as i fuck your friend ..he started watching all the time ..plus once in a while I would give him a quick hand job before his friend came over to help him out ..his friend is really good at sex and big..the sex is Great ..my hubby is ok with only watching now ..I love the sex with his best friend and I also fuck three of his other friends too sometimes..100%of my sex needs are met buy his four friends ..great variety..my hubby pushed me to start ..now i have the best sex ever ..my hubby hes a great watcher these days